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October message from Rev. Coxe

Message from Rev. E. Ragland Coxe:

Greetings everyone!
Suiter and I want to thank you for the wonderful gathering for worship and fellowship for our first Sunday. It was an over-the-top day for us! You know, table fellowship was significant in Christ's life and so it is in ours. Keep it up!
We have already come to understand St. Matthew's is a vibrant parish to say the least. When I interviewed with the search committee this past June, and met with the Vestry in September, I listened to various ministry reports with plans that are Holy Spirit filled and Christ centered. Your enthusiasm in looking outside yourselves demonstrates a proper response to the great commission. And like I mentioned in my first sermon, we gather, we grow, and we go -all with God's help.
I am excited about sharing our life in Christ together. As Anglicans, each year this approach begins in Advent as we prepare our hearts for the Incarnation of Christ. Did you know that our Gospel Lectionary Readings will follow St. Matthew throughout the Church year?  In his gospel, St. Matthew clearly describes Jesus as Messiah, who looks directly into the heart of every person he comes in contact with his healing love. My prayer for our Parish is that we will open our hearts to the Lord like never before, seeking a greater depth of knowledge and experience of God at work in our lives.
Along that same vein, please note that my office door is usually open for any parishioner to stop by or simply call the Church office if you would like to schedule an appointment. 
As you can see, this Sunday I have invited the Rev. Fred Onyango from Kisumu Kenya as our guest preacher. Fred and I met at Trinity School for Ministry in 2011 and he spent Thanksgiving with our family here. I know you will enjoy him.
The Purple Fish is an amazing community outreach ministry like nothing I have ever seen in a church of our size. Please pray for its continued success and how God wants to use it for spreading the gospel beyond our walls.
Looking ahead there will be another Church Family Dinner scheduled for October 19th at the Gilpin's home, please see details below.
May God continue to bless St. Matthew's Church as we seek the Lord's vision for our Church and our life together in Christ.

In His love,
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