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Dear St. Matthews,

Dear St. Matthew’s,

It is March already and it is time for one more newsletter. In this letter I want to point y’all to what is ahead in the future for St. Matthew’s, while looking at where we’ve been. 

Over the past three almost four years St. Matthew’s has become a place where the people don’t just gather to chat but rather build deep relationships. For we have become a church that pursues true Godly fellowship. Our first Sundays are a testament to this and in the years to come there will be a building of these relationships through small groups and other fellowship opportunities. 

While we have created space to fellowship well we also have pursued faithfulness together. We have done so by starting our faith in action groups, continuing our men’s Bible study, and starting a women’s bible study. In the future there are opportunities to continue to grow together in discipleship. 

A hallmark of St. Matthew’s is our worship. Over the years our weekly worship has continued to be a blessing. During this time together we have sung songs of praise, kneeled and prayed together, feasted on God’s word, and feasted at His table. Our rythm of worship has been and will continue to be a source of strength and growth at St. Matthew’s. 

We are a people who have fellowship together, seek discipleship, and worship regularly. These three areas help us to go out on mission. Going out is what St. Matthew’s has done these past years as we have opened the doors of the Purple Fish Coffee Company to our community. We are open weekly on Friday nights from 6:30-9:30 with live music, food, and drinks. This has created a safe space for our community to gather as over 50 people come weekly. This mission to our community will only grow in the years to come as you seek to care for your neighbors. 

I have been blessed to serve as your pastor and look forward to seeing how God will continue to use St. Matthew’s for the spread of His kingdom in the years to come.